Does the phrase ‘capital campaign‘ cause you to start involuntarily grinding your teeth?

Or worse, does it make you feel you want to slit your wrists in despair?

You are not alone.

Many Pastors, church leaders and even church family members have the same response. 

People have been part of so many capital campaigns they immediately experience a certain stomach churning nausea when they hear the words repeated. 

Campaigns are so ‘50’s or ‘70’s or ‘90’s, whatever era you started attending church. And, they haven’t changed.

pledge cards and dinners...

Oh, occasionally a company will trot out some new verbiage like, ‘spiritual journey’ or ‘leadership development ‘ to try to do a bait and switch, but you are still just getting a plain, old capital campaign. 

still have pledge cards and dinners...

It’s kind of like putting lipstick on a pig; it may add a veneer of palatability but nothing has really changed and the pig probably doesn’t appreciate it...

We did campaigns for 20 years and while they did have their heyday, they are just so much stale bread in today’s world of technology and data. 

You will still have pledge cards and dinners...

Why not try a different approach to raising more money for ministry? (Without the lipstick...)

Try stewardship development.

Be one of the crazy ones.

Tear down the campaign thermometer on the wall!


No more campaigns!

Think differently. 

(Unless you happen to like pledge cards and dinners...)

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